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Great Floridians 2000 Charles Grover Burgoyne Daytona Beach Florida

Great Floridians 2000

The Great Floridians 2000 program was designed to recognize individuals who distinguished themselves through their philanthropy, public service or personal or professional service, and who have enhanced the lives of Florida’s citizens.

Anyone could nominate an individual to be designated a Great Floridian 2000 by submitting a Great Floridians 2000 application. These applications were periodically reviewed by the appointed Great Floridians 2000 Committee, a group of seven distinguished historians from throughout Florida.

The program, begun in 1998, was completed in 2000.

The distinctive blue plaques honoring the men and women in the program are attached to buildings or structures in the cities where the designee left their mark. No biographical information is included on the plaques. The text below is taken from the Great Floridians 2000 biographies written to honor their inclusion.

Charles Grover Burgoyne

Charles Grover Burgoyne was born in 1847, came to Daytona in 1894 having made a fortune in the printing business in New York. In 1896 he bought the entire block south of Bay Street between Palmetto Avenue and Beach Street where he built a three-story mansion. He was elected commodore of the Halifax River Yacht Club in 1899 and in 1912 built a large gazebo at the corner or Orange Avenue and Beach Street and began to bring bands to perform public concerts of classical music. He and his wife held lawn parties for area children and paid for them to have milk at lunch every day. In 1914 he built a promenade and seawall along the river from Orange Avenue to Bay Street, lined with street lights, and called the “Esplanade Burgoyne.” In 1915 he built a casino and gave it to the city. Burgoyne died in 1916. His widow, Mary, continued to live in the mansion until 1941, after which it was demolished.

Casino Burgoyne located in Daytona Beach, FL. Courtesy State Archives of Florida
Casino Burgoyne located in Daytona Beach, FL. Image courtesy State Archives of Florida


Burgoyne Home courtesy State of Florida Archives
The Burgoyne Home located on Beach Street. Image courtesy State Archives of Florida


Charles Grover Burgoyne--Great Floridians 2000 marker
Charles Grover Burgoyne, Great Floridians 2000 plaque. Image courtesy of Heather Files

Charles Grover Burgoyne’s Great Floridian plaque is located on the front of the Halifax Historical Museum, 252 South Beach Street, Daytona Beach.

An online memorial to Burgoyne may be found HERE.

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Charles and Mary Burgoyne are buried in Pinewood Cemetery, beachside in Daytona Beach. Their plot is very easy to find in the cemetery and the cemetery itself is worth the visit. The photos below were all taken by me during a recent visit to the cemetery.

My apologies for the unusual angle of Charles and Mary’s markers. The sun was causing havoc with shadows. 

Mary died on February 8, 1944.
The inscription on the Burgoyne cross is difficult to read.To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
Lord, remember me when thou comes into thy kingdom. Luke 23 Verse 46.
The inscription on the Burgoyne cross is difficult to read.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
Lord, remember me when thou comes into thy kingdom. Luke 23 Verse 46.


Main Street entrance to Pinewood Cemetery. Walk straight back. The Burgoyne plot will be on your left. You can’t miss it.


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