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Haunted America New Releases from Arcadia Publishing

Arcadia Publishing continues their Haunted America series with two new releases for your consideration. Both books are Florida based and should be of interest to readers interested in ghosts, haunted history, and Florida history.

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Arcadia Publishing has generously supplied complimentary review copies of two new releases in their Haunted America series of books. I will be providing book reviews for these books in the near future. Both books are now available for pre-release purchase through your local bookstore or online outlets.

Haunted America New Releases from Arcadia Publishing.


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Haunted Florida Ghost Towns

Haunted Florida Ghost Towns Haunted America New Releases Arcadia Publishing

Leigh, Heather. Haunted Florida Ghost Towns. Charleston: History Press, 2024. 128 pages, ISBN 9781467156479, $21.99.

The term “ghost towns” brings to mind communities from the Old West where there were once bustling Boom Towns but today are abandoned and lonely pieces to the puzzles of the past. With this image ingrained into a person’s mind, it is challenging to visualize ghost towns with sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the wind. A little-known fact about Florida is it is home to more than 250 ghost towns, many of which remain the home for the spirits of former inhabitants, civil war deserters, pirates, and more. Haunted Florida Ghost Towns covers the many abandoned locations in the Sunshine State where paranormal entities are known to roam. Take a journey into the world of the supernatural and learn the history behind why Florida has so many ghost towns and the energy that remains to fuel paranormal activity.


Haunted America New Releases from Arcadia Publishing.Take a ghost bus tour in beautiful York, England.
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Haunted Indian River County

Haunted Indian River County Haunted America New Releases from Arcadia PublishingLawson, Lawrence. Haunted Indian River County. Charleston, History Press, 2024. 139 pages, ISBN 978467155748, $21.99

Indian River County is an idyllic vacation spot on Florida’s east coast, not far south of Cape Canaveral. Known as part of the state’s famed “Treasure Coast,” many are unaware of the deep and fascinating history this area played in the development of the Sunshine State. Also lost among its visitors and residents are the chilling stories of the hauntings that accompany this rich history. It is here that a man named Waldo still looks after his family and properties, six decades after his death. Or a retired preacher is seen digging up his hidden treasure, days after he died .



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