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Volusia Flagler Law Enforcement Memorial in DeLand, Florida

Volusia Flagler Law Enforcement Memorial

Courthouses often serve as the home to monuments and memorials of local importance. The Historic Volusia County Courthouse, with entrances on both New York and Indiana Avenues, is no exception. Near the Indiana Avenue, entrance is the Law Enforcement Memorial Volusia and Flagler Counties.

This 3,500-pound marble Volusia Flagler Law Enforcement Memorial, crafted by Gene Letter, features the names of law enforcement officers from all stripes who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The monument currently contains thirty names.


Dedicated on June 2, 1995, a day designated by Volusia County Council as Law Enforcement Memorial Day, and attended by then state Attorney General Bob Butterworth, the monument serves as reminded of the dangers that law enforcement of all types face every time them go to work.

As then Ponce Inlet Police Chief Todd Hendrickson stated, “I don’t care if your force has 3,000 members or eight like we do, it’s devastating (to lose a fellow officer).”

Individual Posts

Over time, I will be researching the story of these officers service and will post a blog entry for them. I will then link the post through their names below. If you have memories of any of these officers, I invite you to leave a respectful comment to this post or use the “contact” function. I would be glad to include your memories in my post. If you have photos you would like to share, I will be glad to provide you with appropriate credit in the post. Your stories and photos can bring the stories of these officers to life! 

Volusia and Flagler Law Enforcement Memorial
Volusia and Flalger Counties Law Enforcement Memorial located outside the Historic Volusia County Courthouse in DeLand


Names on the Memorial

Sheriff Jefferson D. Kurtz                          April 25, 1895                      Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Sheriff William K. Kremer          December 10, 1898         Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Sheriff Charles M. Kurtz               September 3, 1907           Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Chief Deputy William P. Edwards            November 5, 1907             Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Sheriff Frank A. Smith                   March 18, 1927                 Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Perry Hall                                            August 21, 1927                 Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Sheriff George Durrance              August 25, 1927                 Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

Officer Lewis Tanner                                      October 26, 1930              Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Officer Benny P. Stricklin                               January 23, 1931             Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Officer L.B. Hall                                               August 28, 1932                   Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Officer Willie R. Denson                                  April 30, 1937                       Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Officer Elmer L. Michael                              February 17, 1942              DeLand Police Department

Detective Harry F. Raines                          January 13, 1943                    Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Trooper Edwin Gasque                              October 26, 1961                     Florida Highway Patrol

Deputy Sheriff Alva Hayman                   May 8, 1974                                Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Sergeant George Tinsley                          May 7, 1979                               DeLand Police Department

Deputy Sheriff Donald Shackelford         June 9, 1979                            Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Officer Sam Etheridge                               December 25, 1980               Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Deputy Sheriff Frank Genovese            June 3, 1982                            Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Officer Greg J. Sorenson                         July 20,  1982                                Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Deputy Sheriff Stephen Saboda          November 6, 1982                  Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Officer Timonty T. Pollard                      September 22, 1987               Ponce Inlet Police Dept.

Officer Kevin J. Fischer                            September 4, 1998                 Daytona Beach Police Dept.

Deputy Sheriff Charles T. Sease            July 5, 2003                              Flager County Sheriff’s Office

Trooper Darryl L. Haywood, Sr.            October 2, 2004                      Florida Highway Patrol

Officer Robert F. Grim, Sr.                       November 13, 2004               Ormond Beach Police Dept.

Officer Roy L. Nelson, Jr.                      August 13, 2005                     New Smyrna Beach Police Dept.

Officer Donna Fitzgerald                         June 25, 2008                         Florida Dept. of Corrections

Captain John L. McDonough                 February 16, 2011                 Volusia County Beach Patrol

Officer Thomas Michael Coulter         May 21, 2018                         Daytona Beach Police Dept.


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