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Rivertown Brick Mural–Public Art in DeLand, Florida

Rivertown Brick Mural
Rivertown Brick Mural. Image courtesy City of DeLand

I have often said that art is all around us we just need to look for it. That is certainly true when it comes to the 3D work Rivertown Brick Mural. Gracing the south entrance to DeLand City Hall, this work is so well matched to the color and design of the building itself that visitors can be forgiven for not noticing it in their haste to pay a utility bill or handle other business.

Rivertown Brick Mural is the creation of artists Dr. John Wilton, John Wolfe, and Harry Messersmith; all artists well known in the Florida art scene. The work shows a family along the banks of the St. Johns River using color, depth, and texture to create the scene.


Installation of the work occurred in 2007 as a part of the 125th anniversary of the City of DeLand. The piece was presented in memory of former mayor Earl W. Brown.

DeLand City Hall is located at 120 S. Florida Avenue. Free parking is available on site.

Please see a video of this installation by clicking here.

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