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Where to Find the Best Pizza in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

So, you’re on vacation with the kids and looking for something to eat. You are not looking for anything
too fancy as you have spent the full day in the sun on the beach. The kids are hungry and ready to eat.
What is the go to meal? PIZZA. New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater have numerous delicious options for
you to choose from. Whether you want sit down, pick up, or delivery we’ve got you covered.

In alphabetical order are places I have eaten and can provide insight on. Below that are listings of other
local pizza restaurants. Try them before calling one of the boring delivery chains you can have in every town in America. Support your local small business, where the dollar stays in the area.

Albertos Pizzeria Family Italian Restaurant

1501 S. Ridgewood Avenue Edgewater

Pizza, sandwiches, and pasta are all available on the menu. The garlic knots are a must have. Seriously,
they are the best I have had locally. Feeling brave, ask for extra garlic but be sure to have napkins ready.

This family owned restaurant opened in 2004 but the owners have a much longer record of
accomplishment in the restaurant business. Available for dine in, pick up, or delivery through Uber Eats.
There may be a wait for seating on Friday and Saturday nights. Budget friendly. Child friendly.

Baci Pizzeria Ristorante

830 N. Dixie Freeway New Smyrna Beach

Baci Pizza
Baci Pizza
Image courtesy Baci Pizza Facebook Page

No regular website that I could find and their Facebook page appears to be updated sporadically at best.

Wood fired pizza, sandwiches, and pasta are all on the menu. The last time we visited, there appeared to be a strong wine selection. And let’s be honest, that is important when eating Italian food.

Pizza, salads, ciabattas, and pasta are on the menu. For me, the food has been hit and miss. When they are on it is delicious and as good as you will find in the area. I have had pizza here though that was inedible due to excessive garlic. I have no qualms recommending them however. Try the Pizza Margherita or create your own.

Dine in is recommended for adults only. A wait for dine in is common. Pick up is available. A little more
expensive than many but this is not your average pizza place. This becomes more of an experience than
a quick meal.

Fillipo’s Pizza and Italian Kitchen

132 W. Park Avenue Edgewater

My recommendation for the best take out or delivery pizza on a consistent basis. Pizza, subs, and pastas
are all on the menu. Be sure to check the specials as there are some good deals here especially if you
have a number of people to feed. Delicious New York style pizza, the cheesesteak Italian sub is go-to (we
order without the onions and ask for extra sauce).

Delivery and pick up. Be advised, they can be backed up with orders quickly so if you need dinner at a
specific time plan accordingly. Cash is preferred; see the website for details. Delivery is free within a
limited distance. Ask for details. Price friendly and the food is child friendly.


113 S. Orange Avenue New Smyrna Beach

Panheads Pizza logo
Panheads Pizza
Image courtesy Panheads Facebook page

This restaurant is truly a family affair. In carrying on family recipes and traditions, the dough and sauce are homemade, and a special cheese blend is created to go on your pie. All meats are smoked in-house and only fresh toppings are used. Their slogan “Made with love from our family to yours” shines through in every order.

Dine in and carryout are available. I recommend carryout as the seating area is a bit small and gets full quickly. Everybody is always having a great time and it can get a bit loud so it’s not the best choice for a romantic meal. Kids are welcome but for me, this isn’t the best option for them. Prices are a bit higher here but the pizzas are worth it.

Pizzas, salads, subs, and pasta are all on the menu. I suggest starting with an order of meatballs in teriyaki sauce while your pizza is cooking.

Specialty pizzas have rock ‘n roll associated names; Simple Man, Dr. Feelgood, Whole Lotta Love, Ace of Spades, White Wedding; well you get the idea. The specialty pizzas are on the designer side so creating your own may be recommended. On the other hand, how about try the “Pizza Flight”; pick four specialty options and make a single large pizza.

Gluten free pizza is available in the personal size pie for those who need this option. You can still get all
the great specialty pies.

Wine and beer are available.

If you still have room, end the night with the Stairway to Heaven, a hot chocolate chip cookie served
with homemade vanilla ice cream. DELICIOUS!

Planet Pizza NSB

634 E. 3rd Avenue

The owners began their restaurant career in Orlando and patrons can now get hand tossed, New York
style pizza at this conveniently located beachside restaurant.

Dine in, take out, and delivery are all available. The restaurant is child friendly and prices are average.
Pizza, subs, and salads are on the menu.

Online reviews are pretty mixed and my experience was average. It has been a couple of years since I
have been so it is possible things have improved.

Stavro’s (Original Stavro’s Pizza)

800 N. Dixie Freeway New Smyrna Beach

Stavros Pizza NSB
Stavro’s Pizza
Image courtesy Stavro’s Pizza Facebook page

This local culinary icon has been in New Smyrna Beach for more than thirty years. Pizza, pasta, subs, wings, salads and more are all on the menu. A children’s menu is available. Be sure to check the daily specials and consider the Monday and Wednesday 1/2 off plus $1 on large pizzas. It’s a great way to feed the family and save a few dollars. Dine in and take out are available.

The Greek Salad is just one of the things they are known for. This recipe can be produced vegetarian style for those who prefer that option.

While the pizzas are good, I often find myself going for the hot meatball grinder. For less than $10 you will leave full. If you want to go with pizza, I can recommend the bbq beef. Loaded with cheese, bbq sauce, sliced beef, and onions, this is a pleaser. There are plenty of specialty options or build your own. Prices are good for a family, the restaurant is child friendly, AND there is a Dairy Queen right across the street that I highly recommend.


1000 Wayne Avenue (located at the golf course) New Smyrna Beach

Born in Naples, Vittoria Tiano visited central Florida on vacation and that was all it took for him to decide
to take up residency here.

Open for lunch or dinner Tiano’s is a great option if you have just played a round of golf at the New
Smyrna Beach Golf Club. The cold beverage selection is good and you can get your lunch at the
separate bar area if you would like. Televisions with sports, mostly the golf channel are available in the bar. There is a good pizza slice and salad combo or try the chicken parmesan sandwich. Lunch prices are budget friendly.

Dinner portions are of course larger. The options are wider as well with pizza, pasta, and seafood all
available. The lasagna is a winner in my opinion. If you want pizza, there are specialty options or you can
make your own. Cauliflower crusts are available in the 10” size for those watching carbs.

For me, Tiano’s has a weird vibe. The food has always been good. Usually way above average. I guess it’s
the décor and the musical entertainment that I have issue with. It screams dated. On weekend nights,
they usually have live entertainment that when we have been consists of modified karaoke with an
older man on a Casio keyboard and some backing music belting out Barry Manilow and similar tunes. If you look around at the diners, you will understand the appeal.

My suggestion is to skip entertainment nights or order pick up. The food is worth the visit. I would not
visit with children as the ambience isn’t really meant for them. The prices are good and as I have said,
the food is good.

Touch of Italy

4198 S. Atlantic Avenue New Smyrna Beach—Beachside south

You are only a stranger at Touch of Italy once as Sal the owner will no doubt recognize you and probably
remember your favorite order. If you are beachside, this is a strong candidate for dinner. It is a bit of a
hike if you are on the mainland. Dine in and take out are available. Limited free delivery is available from

Touch of Italy is open for lunch and dinner with the lunch menu being available until 4pm. The menu
offers plenty of seafood, traditional Italian fare, and delicious pizza. The chicken parmigiana is a personal
favorite. Give the square Sicilian pizza a try if you like deep dish.

This is a family restaurant and children are welcome. I am not sure I would bring kids there myself as it
can get a bit crowded. Good value pricing and you’ll leave full. One of my favorites if we feel like having dine in pizza.

Other pizza restaurants in that area that I have not tried include:

Caffé Vesuvio’s

Cafe Vesuvio's
Caffe Vesuvio’s
Image Courtesy Caffe Vesuvio’s Facebook page

701 E. 3rd Avenue New Smyrna Beach—Beachside south

Dine in, delivery, pick up

New York style pizza, salads, sandwiches, dinners, kids menu

Flagler Avenue Pizza Company

396 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach—Beachside north

Pick up, delivery, dine in

Pizza, sandwiches, burgers, wings, salads

Manny’s Pizza Beachside

3318 S. Atlantic Avenue—Beachside south

Dine in, pick up, delivery,

Pizza, burgers, sandwiches

Mikey’s Pizza

808 E. 3rd Avenue New Smyrna Beach—Beachside south

Delivery, take out

Pizza, pasta, subs

Pizza Pomodoro

1518 S. Dixie Freeway New Smyrna Beach

Dine in, take out

Pizza, pasta, subs

Prima Pizza Cucina

Prima Pizza Cucina
The Prima Pizza Cucina team
Photo Courtesy Prima Pizza Facebook page

112 Sams Avenue New Smyrna Beach

Dine in, take out

Pizza, salads, sandwiches

Editorial comment–This place must be REALLY GOOD. It is packed every time I drive by so I haven’t been able to get in yet.

That’s Amore

103 S. Pine Street—Beachside north

Dine in, take out

Pizza, pasta, seafood, salads


Do you know of a pizza restaurant that is not included or is there more information I should include? Please let me know and I will update the post. Please feel free to drop reviews in the comments. As long as the review appears to be honest and respectful (even if you didn’t like the food) I will let them show.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click these links and make a purchase, I may receive a small
commission. This commission does not affect any price that you pay. All views and opinions provided
are my own and are never influenced by affiliate programs or sponsors providing products. I did not
receive complimentary food in return for any restaurant being listed in this post.

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