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Florida Prohibition Book Release from Arcadia Publishing

Florida Prohibition book release Arcadia Publishing

Arcadia Publishing New Release

Arcadia Publishing continues it’s role of releasing geographically focused works with their new book release, Florida Prohibition: Corruption, Defiance, & Tragedy, written by Randy Jaye.


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Jaye, Randy. Florida Prohibition: Corruption, Defiance, & Tragedy. Charleston: Arcadia Publishing. 2024. ISBN 9781467155823, $24.99. 171 pages, 164 pages of text. Bibliography, b/w images.

From the publisher:

Prohibition is recognized as the most unpopular law in US history. It was so unpopular at the time that some Floridians weren’t all too keen on obeying it. Learn how it was instigated by small town Protestants who believed that newer immigrants living in big cities were immoral because of their emphatic use of alcohol. Prohibition bred corruption, defiance of the law, and hypocrisy as illegal bootlegging, moonshining and rum running replaced legitimate taxpaying industries.

Florida actually voted state-wide Prohibition into law before the dreaded 18th amendment and was the only state to elect a governor from the Prohibition Party. Florida’s Bill McCoy “The Real McCoy” founded Rum Row and became an international celebrity as he made a mockery of the U.S. Coast Guard’s inability to squelch his innovative rum running operations. Al Capone, the infamous gangster, vacationed in Florida while his henchmen perpetrated the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Many virtually unknown stories of tragic killings in Florida during Prohibition are also recounted.


Thank you to Arcadia Publishing for providing a complimentary review copy of this book. A review will be forthcoming.


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